Monday, December 03, 2007

Get Your Straightjackets On Tonight!!!!

RIP - Kevin Dubrow

damn. this was some real crappy news last week.

I caught two shows with the re-united MH lineup (Elmo and Reverb) and an earlier one with KD and Carlos.KD was always stellar. A true RnR frontman in every sense. At the Reverb show he had to match the volume of Carlos' gtr which was insanely screaming that night. i can't imagine this guy ever putting on a bad show cause he surely was in it for the love of music. it's hard to miss that razor sharp voice (Blackie's only competition).

i missed the best foto-op ever at the corner of queen + bathurst when the entire MH lineup came walking down the street and stood on the corner directly in front of me just in front of the pizza pizza. wow! Kirb can back me up on this one. he witnessed it while crossing the street and we shared the HOLY SHIT THAT's QUIET RIOT!!! moment.

i must've played Breathless and MH 10 times in the last few days. if there was a QR show tomorrow i'd be goin. damn. later dood. we'll miss ya.

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