Thursday, November 20, 2008

Midnight! Six Sixty-Six

Cronos interview

Venom - April 5, 1985 - Aragon Ballroom - Chicago, Illinois
pretty damn rough quality. DIE HARDS only. (note: open the exe dl in winrar )

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Carcass at The Grand Ballroom, SF


killer show. this vid is almost devoid of vox but they were 50% of the mix out front. GB is a nice place, sound was decent despite reports to the contrary but it was a total sweat box. they were mopping the floors towards the end of their set. Guess the old rug cutters didn't work up quite as much steam as the pit does.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Pucker Flame

ha. too much. the new YM cover.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tidalwave 2008

McLaren Park Sat 7/5/2008
A couple of my better pics from the day.

Holt and Hunting

Hirax and the DePena spellcaster move.

killer afternoon show in the park. way more packed this year thanks to Exodus (thankfully Gary brought the whole band this year). but damnit bring back ZETRO. a true mad dog thrasher (as evidenced at the Testament show and also with Laaz Rockit). this nu dood's only good lines are lifted from Baloff in the Another Lesson... recording. I swear if he does one more "I'm from NYC but this is my second home now" BS i think i'll puke. The braveheart scene worked really well in the pit though i have to say and I will give the guy 1 pt for taking Altus' gtr from him and knocking out some halfassed but almost good solo, but his one dimensional voice has not improved. not looking fwd to hearing him on the BBB rerecording. don't even ask about the chick playing electric fiddle to A Lesson in Violence (amazing jaw dropping lead! but gawd awful cacophony in the rhythm secions. egad.)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Angelcorpse - B.O.T.H.

Bottom of the Hill - 6/15

all the hits: Wolflust, Into the Storm of Steel, Sons of Vengeance
amazing show. Pete, Gene and JR ripped. new 2nd gtr player on rhythm.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bay Area Thrash Metal Month 2008

SF Bay Area Thrash Metal Month - Feb24-Mar 2008
Just by some total fluke Feb24-Mar 30 2008 in SF was Bay Area Thrash Metal Month. Check out this lineup.

Exodus - Slim's - Feb 24/08

Of course you HAVE to start off Bay Area thrash month with the greatest thrash band of ALL TIME!!! It was my first time seeing Tom back on the kit since his return. He still totally rips!!! Of course! He hasn't lost a damn thing. The Hunting beat returns!!! Gary's line was "you can call him Tom or "The Best Drummer in Thrash Metal!!!". Well "THE thrash beat" is pretty much all his. Some of Baloff's cremains were on stage for the encore. Seriously! Gary is donating them to become part of a metal bar in Brazil. That'll be nice vacation for Paul. I'm still take it or leave it with the new guy but he is starting to settle in. He sure knows the bay area are his toughest critics and the "i'm from NY but this is my second home now" did nothing to win anyone over. Some old school locals beyhind me weren't haven't any of it though. The perfectly timed "you fucking suck!!!!" gang shouts in the audience participation parts of Blacklist were absolutely hilarious.
/ Iconoclasm / Funeral Hymn / And Then There None / Children of a Worthless God / Pirahna / Deathamphetamine / Blacklist / Gary's long welcome back intro / A Lesson in Violence / Strike of the Beast / Shovel Headed Kill Machine /
War Is My Shepherd / Bonded By Blood /
Fucking around: You're In Love(Ratt), Motorbreath, Phantom of the Opera, Burn, Walk / Toxic Waltz

'Don't tell me Winnepeg Canada are tougher than you!" - Gary Holt

Forbidden - Slim's - Feb 29/08

I was really stoked for this one. THROUGH EYES OF GLASS!!!!! The recently reunited thrashers did some small town warm up gigs during the week but the two Slim's shows opening for Death Angel were the real deal reunion shows. The original "Forbidden Evil" album lineup minus Bostaph plus Gene Hoglan. Russ' range is a little narrower but hey, he's a guy would could stand to lose a little of the high end right? (just a little). It's good to see Gene back to playing some real metal for a change. He stayed mostly true to the original Bostaph parts with just a touch of Hoglan thrown in. Alvelais ripped but his gtr coulda used a little more on the fader.

/ March Into Fire / Out of Body, Out of Mind / Feel No Pain / Twisted Into Form / Off the Edge / Through Eyes of Glass / Hypnotized By The Rhythm / One Foot in Hell / Phat / Step by Step / Infinite / Chalice of Blood /


Death Angel - Slim's - Feb 29/08

This was the original CD release show until the announced a 2nd show on the Thursday night after this one sold out. A full set of Forbidden's full-on metal stylings made this set just a little too rock. I think they ripped harder at the Slim's show that they opened for Destruction. I guess that had to prove their metal more that night or something. Tons from the new album here of course.

/ Lord of Hate / Evil Priest / The One Who Waits / Dethroned / Carnival Justice / Voracious Souls / Soulless / Worlds Collide / Kill As One / Seemingly Endless Time / God vs God / Devil Incarnate / Thrashers / Steal The Crown / 3rd Floor / Bored / Thicker Than Blood / Sonic Beatdown /
Resurrection / Machine / UltraV intro / Thrown to the Wolves


Sadus - The Independant - Mar 30/08

If you're a fan of the last album (like me) then this was your show. Check out that setlist. They followed up Viscious Rumours and Laaz Rockit (who were lame until "Mad Dog" Zetro got on stage to sing his fav tune and showed their Seinfeld-esque singer how to fucken attack a stage) so something darker was certainly welcome. They ripped it! Steve even had the minimoog out for NoMore. I need was more gtr where i was (in front of Darren) but everytime he stepped away from mic there was some excellent bleed through. This was my first time seeing them. They need to play more bay area gigs.

/ Out for Blood / Can't Bring Me Down / No More / Sick / Freedom / Sadus Attack / Lost It All / In Your Face / Eyes of Greed / Certain death (FAST!) /


Testament - The Independant - Mar 30/08

Same venue as last time but with Bostaph behind the kit. Things were a little looser this time than with the super sonic insaniac Barker at the helm. The band is still at the top of their form though which is so great to see. They're certainly more than ready for the Priest/Sabbath/Motorhead tour which was announced shortly after this show. Zetro made an appearance on stage this time (following some coaxing from Chuck). His total mad dog approach was in full effect this night. Get this guy back where he belongs. Please.

/ Over the Wall / Into the Pit / Apocalyptic City / Practice What You Preach / The New Order / Low / Trail of Tears / Henchmen Ride (new) / The Evil Has Landed (new) / Souls of Black / The Preacher /
DN fucken R / Three Days in Darkness / Alone in the Dark (w/ Zetro) / Disciples of the Watch /

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Darkane Guitar Tracking

Yes! Inside the guitar sessions for the new Darkane album.
ENGL eh? sounds sweet as usual.
2008 is shaping into a nice year for metal.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Return of Hollenthon!!!

With Vilest of Worms to Dwell was one of the best releases of 2001. A seven year break is absurd, but I'm not complaining. Welcome back!

This is an interesting tune. of course! It's just diff enough from the first two albums but still obviously Hollenthon. I was already damn stoked to hear album and certain they wouldn't disappoint. The production is sounding pretty damn fine too.

Son of Perdition