Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Attack from the Sepulchre!!!

Malhavoc - Age of the Dark Renaissance (1987)

H.P.Lovecraft, Bathory and Celtic Frost were the prime inspirations for Malhavoc in '87. Spine chilling riffs with the creepiest vocal style ever created. The intro is just killer and that first riff is never to far back in my sub conscience (kind of a variation on Instellar Overdrive). The gtr tone has always reminded me a little of Kill 'em All though the music is light years away. There are so many killer riffs on this but my fav riff has always been the one in Fey at 1:42. Also known as "The Riff That Never Dies!" Throw out yer meter cause the drums are real slop in places, but it only adds to the frankenstein effect in the end. I cut alot of gtr teeth on this demo and still consider these tunes to rank with the best of that era.

Unfortunately, Malhavoc abandoned their classic style a couple of years later after an failed attempt to release an album, Shrine, on Toronto's ever inept Fringe Records. Thankfully some of these recordings were tagged on as bonus tracks to later Malhavoc releases, but here are the demos in all their raw tape-hissing glory. Unfortunately I'm missing Dunwich Horror (a very key track) due to a tape malfunction.(yeah, they used to do that sometimes). Though I might be able to resurrect it with a little re-agent in the lab.

check it out: Malhavoc-AOTDR-1987

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Keith Partridge said...

I am looking for any Malhavoc tapes,older the better.