Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tidalwave 2008

McLaren Park Sat 7/5/2008
A couple of my better pics from the day.

Holt and Hunting

Hirax and the DePena spellcaster move.

killer afternoon show in the park. way more packed this year thanks to Exodus (thankfully Gary brought the whole band this year). but damnit bring back ZETRO. a true mad dog thrasher (as evidenced at the Testament show and also with Laaz Rockit). this nu dood's only good lines are lifted from Baloff in the Another Lesson... recording. I swear if he does one more "I'm from NYC but this is my second home now" BS i think i'll puke. The braveheart scene worked really well in the pit though i have to say and I will give the guy 1 pt for taking Altus' gtr from him and knocking out some halfassed but almost good solo, but his one dimensional voice has not improved. not looking fwd to hearing him on the BBB rerecording. don't even ask about the chick playing electric fiddle to A Lesson in Violence (amazing jaw dropping lead! but gawd awful cacophony in the rhythm secions. egad.)

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