Monday, April 30, 2007

Mordred - Bottom of the Hill, SF, 4/12/07

A Mordred reunion with a set featuring both lineups (yeah the funk infused one too). The classic lineup were up first of course, and the chainmail and swords on the singer helped emphasize the fact that the original Mordred incarnation was ALL METAL. Guitarist Danny White was nailing everything but whoops, gtrst#2 was a little negligent a fewtimes on the gtr harmonies. Old school early 80s riffs galore from a Gibson V. Awesome.

The funk lineup only played 3 tunes (this was part of a larger bill of locals). Singer#2 (Scott) really sounds alot like John Bush now. Maybe he did in 1990 too but I've forgotten or maybe it was buried in the "whacca whacca" gtr lines. They played Johnny The Fox for all the TL fans. Someday I too will be into Phil Lynott. I just know it.

btw that's the actual setlist. i'm not THAT big a fan but it was laying there for the taking. I really have to dig out the first record. There were alot of bells ringing while watching the set but it's been a very long time since i've heard these tunes. This was a good way to boycott the band formerly known as The Haunted at Slim's this same night, but damn I would've liked to have sees DarkT again.

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